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Sweet Success

Sweet Success

Candle Beach Series, Book 2

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**Book 2 in the USA Today Bestselling Candle Beach series**

She never expected to be caught up in a Romeo and Juliet style family feud.

When Gretchen Roberts graduated from college, she planned a brief stay in her hometown of Candle Beach. Ten years later, she’s still working for her parents and wondering how her life got so off track. Luckily, she's got a plan for the future, which hinges on being hired for the lead sales job at a luxury housing development south of town. With a referral from her best friend Maggie, she's a shoo-in for the job.

But there's one little snag...she’s not the only one who wants the job.

Parker Gray grew up knowing he’d work for his parents’ real estate firm in nearby Haven Shores. What he didn’t expect was the constant competition with his older brother, the family golden boy. He needs to escape the family business before he loses his mind, and the sales position at Oceanview Estates seems like a perfect way to make his own way in the world.

A chance meeting turns into a series of dates, and by the time Gretchen realizes she’s fallen for the son of her parents’ rivals, it’s too late. But, Parker isn’t like his parents—or so she thinks. When they both go after the same dream job, everyone’s true colors will be revealed. Can their newfound love survive?

Read this series if you love:

  • Charming seaside towns
  • Strong female friendships
  • Women going after their dreams
  • Sweet Romantic Women's Fiction

Candle Beach Reading Order

  1. Sweet Beginnings
  2. Sweet Success
  3. Sweet Promises
  4. Sweet Memories
  5. Sweet History
  6. Sweet Matchmaking
  7. Sweet Surprises
  8. Sweet Sacrifices
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