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The Inn at Willa Bay

The Inn at Willa Bay

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**Book 1 in the USA Today Bestselling Willa Bay Series**

Three friends at crossroads in their lives, a family secret, and an aging seaside resort with the power to bring everyone together.

Achieving her dream career as a wedding planner hasn’t been easy, but Zoe Tisdale’s sacrifices are about to pay off. Unfortunately, her carefully crafted life is knocked off course by a new arrival in town. Before she can process the changes to her work life, her world is turned upside down when her elderly friend and landlord Celia is hospitalized, jeopardizing the future of their home, the historic Inn at Willa Bay.

Her friend Meg left a prestigious chef position in the city when she returned home after her mother got sick. Now that her mother is healthy again, is it time for Meg to follow her own dreams?

Another friend, Cassie, never expected to be a single mother, but she’s making things work – until an old rival returns to Willa Bay, threatening her much-needed job as a pastry chef at a local lodge.

Across the country, Shawn has just finished renovating a turn-of-the-century house when a phone call from a mystery woman brings him back to Washington State.

News of Celia’s accident ripples through the community and reveals a long-hidden secret that brings all of them together. In the process of changing the fate of the historic Inn at Willa Bay, they discover the healing power of friendship, family, and love – and a pathway to an exciting new future.

Escape to scenic Willa Bay in this heartwarming USA Today Bestseller by the author of the Candle Beach series!

Read this series if you love:

  • Charming seaside towns
  • Strong female friendships
  • Women going after their dreams
  • Women's Fiction

Willa Bay Reading Order

  1. The Inn at Willa Bay
  2. The Sea Star Bakery
  3. A Haven on the Bay
  4. The Sunset Cottages
  5. The Riverside Dance Studio
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