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The Riverside Dance Studio

The Riverside Dance Studio

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**Book 5 in the USA Today Bestselling Willa Bay Series**

A new year, a new life — or is it just a new set of problems?

Sam is ready to move past everything she’s lost over the past six months. Ringing in th New Year with her co-workers at Bayside Prep is a great way to start. Or rather it would be if her job and living situation weren’t temporary. The new life she’s carefully built is about to crumble around her. Is she ready for another big change?

A long distance marriage wasn’t in Libby’s version of happily ever after, but she’s making the best of it and keeping all the plates spinning in the air, same as she’s always done. Except, between parenting their four kids, her job at the catering company, and her family’s upcoming move, she’s beyond exhausted. Something has to give.

Everyone thinks Jessa is in Willa Bay to visit her brother Shawn and meet her grandmother Celia for the first time. But a simple vacation and family reunion isn’t the only reason she’s on leave from the army.

Andrew has spent the last few years focused on his role as Assistant Headmaster at Bayside Prep. He excels at his role, but it’s come at a cost to his family relationships and his non-existent personal life. If he continues on this way, his future may not be as bright as he’s hoped.

Debbie is thrilled — and terrified — that it’s almost time for the fundraiser she’s been planning since last summer. With much of her attention on the event, she’s finding it difficult to support her daughters as they work through the issues in their own lives. Can she pull off a successful fundraiser and still make time for her family?

It’s a fresh start for everyone in Willa Bay, but how will they overcome the uncertainties and challenges that life has thrown in their paths?

Read this series if you love:

  • Charming seaside towns
  • Strong female friendships
  • Women going after their dreams
  • Sweet Romantic Women's Fiction

Willa Bay Reading Order

  1. The Inn at Willa Bay
  2. The Sea Star Bakery
  3. A Haven on the Bay
  4. The Sunset Cottages
  5. The Riverside Dance Studio
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